Free computer lessons for Seniors

Did you know...

that you can learn to use a computer at North Richmond Community Centre?

If you are reading this then you probably already know your way around computers quite well!
So if you are over 50 and have some spare time, would you be interested in sharing your knowledge with other people who haven't got any computer knowledge yet?

We are looking for Volunteer Computer Tutors who are prepared to share their knowledge with others on a 1:1 basis in the safe and friendly environment of the North Richmond Community Centre.

Times and lesson frequency are flexible to suit you and your student.

Or do you have family members or friends who would like to learn how to stay in touch with their family and friends via the Internet, but have no idea how to turn a computer on, and who are not confident enough to put into practice what they may have been shown by their children or grand children? Too embarrassed to keep asking?

This is our perfect student - the less computer knowledge the better!

Please tell anyone who wants to know - we are looking for Volunteer Computer Tutors and for Students over 50!

Any questions or comments - please call 4571 3748 or e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Looking forward to hearing from YOU!

 Computer Tutor & Studentpdf Wanted: 'Students' and volunteer tutors for free one-to-one computer lessons at North Richmond Community Centre